How Sara Blakely of Spanx Turned $5,000 Into A Billion Dollar Business

All rise please!

Today’s date is Friday 9th March 2012. Before today I had never ever heard of Sara Blakely or her company Spanx. She is now at the top of our list of target interviewees!

Sara started her business at 29 with her life savings of $5,000… today, 12 years later she is on the Forbes Billionare list as their youngest ever female billionaire.  She owns 100% of her company, has zero debt and has never taken outside investment… phew!

Wow… what an extremely inspirational story of entrepreneurism!

Like our first ever interviewee, Gabriella Somerville, she also cites Sir Richard Branson as one of her biggest business mentors (he’s another one of our topmost target interviewees).

Enjoy, learn and be inspired by the videos below and look out for her interview, it will assuredly happen… anon.



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