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An indispensable resource for new and aspiring entrepreneurs, HotCuppaTea.com is a treasure trove of exclusive interviews with top entrepreneurs that inspire and instruct.

We’re fiercely passionate about encouraging entrepreneurism and helping budding entrepreneurs pursue and realize their business dreams.

We do this by sharing the valuable and inspirational insights we glean from interviewing successful, trail blazing entrepreneurs with our members.

As a member of the HotCuppaTea.com family you get to learn from and model, carefully chosen millionaire and billionaire business men and women.

Are you wondering why we’re so passionate about entrepreneurism?

It’s simple really. We firmly believe that an honest, ethical and innovative entrepreneur is one of the most powerful forces for good on the planet.

Our mission over the next 5 years (2012 – 2017) is to inspire 1 million aspiring and visionary entrepreneurs to successfully launch and run their own value-adding, profitable, legacy building businesses!

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As for our name – Hot Cuppa Tea, as well as reflecting our English roots, it’s meant to connote fun and be memorable. We believe business should be fun and we’re all about building memorable businesses that create a positive, lasting legacy!

Enjoy, learn and be inspired to take massive action! 🙂

The HotCuppaTea.com Team

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